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  • With the deregulation of the energy market, every business and home owner has the right to choose energy supply company, just like choosing a supplier for other services like internet, cable, water and cab services. The choice is yours.
  • You have the right to select a price protection plan to stabilise the month to month gas and power bills and avoid fluctuations or any spike for years to come.
  • Payless Energy LLC offers comprehensive solutions and a variety of pricing options for natural gas and electricity supply for businesses, residences and government organisations.
  • Payless Energy LLC is licensed to supply gas and electricity with price protection plans to enable customers avoid unforeseen fluctuations in their utility bills.


Payless Energy LLC is an ESCO company that provides you with safe and efficient electrical services. We are the focal source of electricity for many residential, commercial residence in New York.

Natural Gas

Payless Energy LLC is a licensed ESCO company since 2011 that provides you with natural gas service all over New York. We dispense you with efficient natural gas supply at the most affordable rates possible.

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Payless Energy LLC not only provides you with effective and efficient energy but also helps you to learn how to save energy. This beneficial service will not only help you to reduce your monthly bills but will also help you to save our planet for better tomorrow.

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  • Consolidated Edison
  • 1-800-752-6633
  • National Grid Long Island
  • 1-800-490-0045
  • National Grid New York
  • 1-800-892-2345
  • Rochester Gas & Electric
  • 1-800-743-1701
  • New York State Electric & Gas
  • 1-800-572-1131
  • Orange & Rockland
  • 1-877-434-4100
  • Central Hudson
  • 1-800-527-2714
  • National Fuel Emergency
  • 1-800-527-2714