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Around 60 % of the world lives without electricity. In today's world, where electricity has become the main source of living and getting connected to each other, many are still suffering to live in darkness because of the shortage of electrical energy. New York, a megacity, is one of the highest electricity consuming place in the world. over 22 million of people are happily residing and living in New York because of which tons of electricity is used every day. With such an overpopulated city and over usage of electricity, New York is slowly moving towards darkness just like 2003.

Payless Energy LLC is an ESCO company that provides you with safe and efficient electrical services. We are the focal source of electricity for many residential, commercial residence in New York. We provide you with electricity at the most affordable prices possible. We have many satisfied customers in the industry of retail outlets, salon, spa, restaurants etc to whom we provide electricity.

Payless Energy LLC is a leading ESCO in New York helping hundreds of residential & commercial consumers access to better electricity services. Our rates are very competitive in the market and better than 80% of the other competitors serving in the same market. We specialize in restaurant, salon & spa, retail outlets & medium to large offices. The number of complaints against our company is minimal to negligible in comparison to most of the competitors. Our name says it all, Choosing Payless Energy LLC as your electricity supplier will not only give you peace of mind but also will help you reduce your bill by energy auditing. We also help our clients to install solar power generating solar panels on their roof. Our customer service is one of the best in the industry.